Financial Services Employers

Financial services employers

Kyte Financial Recruitment was established in 2004 by Robert Kyte and is an integral service provider and corporate partner to a large number of financial services organisations, large and small. Robert Kyte has provided recruitment consulting services to the financial services sector since 1996, and was previously employed in the sector for many years prior to his recruitment career.

At every stage of the recruitment program, KFR consultants ensure that clients and candidates are treated with the utmost  respect, and that all parties are satisfied with the professionalism and transparency demonstrated. Our diverse experience enables us to empathise with your managerial challenges and the pressures faced in balancing strategic planning with operational deadlines and the need to meet service standards.

Services offered

The sourcing of suitable candidates (at all levels of seniority). We understand that in order to truly add value to your business, we must be able to identify and refer strongly suitable and motivated candidates to you. Kyte Financial Recruitment utilises the following methods to ensure that this happens:

  • Numerous referrals, from both clients and candidates
  • Comprehensively researched and targeted Search
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Internet job board advertising
  • Financial Services sector journals and websites
  • Strong industry networks.

Expert, objective remuneration advice at call

Our consultants receive many requests every week for advice from clients and candidates in relation to “market” values for many different positions. This advice includes contemporary information as to the availability of a large range of specialists in the financial services field, and remuneration packaging solutions. KFR provides up-to-date in both a formal and informal manner, as required. 

Independent assessments and board-level appointments

Robert Kyte has gained valuable experience in the independent assessment of superannuation fund trustees and the appointment of chairpersons. He brings a strong understanding of the non-executive nature of such positions and the value of complimentary skills in the Boardroom. He has strong connections with highly qualified and experienced people seeking their first board appointment and also with those who are seasoned Board members.


Please click here for testimonials received by KFR by both employers and candidates.

Recruitment methods

Our recruitment methodology is based on the following professional principles and practices:

  • The effective utilisation of both search and selection practices – KFR has a highly evolved and professional referral network built over an 18-year period
  • An equal focus on both technical skills and cultural alignment when assessing candidate suitability for any role
  • A long-held commitment to placing people in the ‘right’ position in the ‘right’ company, rather than simply filling a role
  • A commitment to the development of medium to long-term business relationships of reciprocal value
  • A dedication to comprehensive research and analysis in relation to a company’s business operations and future directions
  • Fairness, transparency and professionalism in all dealings with clients and candidates
  • Competitive fees, and a fair and responsible guarantee
  • Timeliness and attention to detail in all service delivery
  • Full adherence to all relevant Privacy and EEO legislation
  • Shortlists will only ever be comprised of appropriate candidates. In the event that KFR does not have a suitable candidate that we can faithfully recommend to you, we will advise you promptly in order to enable you to approach other service providers.